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by George G - Thursday, January 28, 2016, 7:35 AM
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There is no doubt that Business provides many excellence to interpreter, businessman, workers, inhabitants as well as all over the world. Its impact is so large that anyone can easily notice it. No one is apart from business and they are benefited by various ways. So, Business Analysis Body of Knowledge one of the fundamental part of business field.

In particular, Business Analysis Body of Knowledge means,  a guide which is included some written tasks and techniques as a framework, and reflects current best practices, structures, policies, operations of an organization, provide solution of complex situation so that a company can gain its goal.

The main aim BABOK is to the profession of business analysis. Business analysis may be performed to understand the current state of an organization or serve the basis of the latest identification of business needs.

Let’s see several matters about Business Analysis Body of Knowledge in detail-

History about BABOK

International Institute of  Business Analysis (IIBA) was established on October, 2003 in Toronto order to serve the field of business analysis. It has 27,344 members, 109 chapters on 6 continents, 430 recipients of Certification of Competency in Business Analysis (CCBA), 3,139 recipients of Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP). It is not an organization for profit professional. BABOK specially describes knowledge areas, tasks, inputs, outputs, techniques and skills required for effective analysis.Nowadays, BABOK 2.0 is the most latest version.



BABOK costs are found in various ways. There are the type of costs mention here_

  1. Public Classroom course costs $5,295 (USD) for per person.
  2. Virtual Classroom course costs $3,750 (USD) for per person.

A Guide to Business Analysis Body Knowledge by IIBA costs CDN$59.80

And the Business Analyst’s by Howard Pedeswa costs CDN$34.01

BABOK merits outweigh the costs pressure. To calculate its expenses, Business Analysis can earn beyond imagination.


BABOK Requirements

In today’s corporate environment, business analysis is key to implementation of successful projects which has business value and long lasting benefits. To achieve this goal, BABOK always consider some basic requirements and these requirements have to fill up before taking business analysis certification-

  1. Minimum education requirement: A candidate need to have at least a High School certificate or degree.
  2. Professional Development requirement: A candidate  should have 21 hours of professional development, it could be_ Business Analysis training, CBAP prep test or any underline skills like Facilitation, Communication and so on.
  3. Experience requirement: Among all requirements, it is one of the most important and challenging requirement. A candidate must have at least 7500 hours working experience in Business Analysis over the last 10 years. Alternatively, at least 900 hours each should be in four of the six knowledge areas. Six knowledge areas in BABOK are_

i) Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring

ii) Elicitation

iii) Requirements Managements and Communication

iv) Enterprise Analysis

v) Requirements Analysis

vi) Solution Assessment and Validation

  1. Reference A candidate is suitable for CBAP or not two references are indicated this.

Above all the requirements are very necessary for all candidate in BABOK area and without all these analyst cannot deliver right solution.


Business Analysis Activities

Its activities are much more difficult than we think, Because, it is called the life of business analysis environment. The person who is done this job efficiently is called with the title of Business Analyst. On the other words, A person who performs or works Business Analysis is called a Business Analyst or a BA. This skill is used with a great deal in building system or software automation of business operations. Consequently, there are several roles such as IT Business Analyst, System Analyst, Social Network Analyst, Design Analyst, Process Analyst, Enterprise Analyst, Business Architecture and so on who performs BA.


Business Analysis Body of Knowledge

BABOK Purpose

Its first and major purpose is produced new promising, creative, intelligent, modern Analyst who works for Business good-will. Through proper training and course it can be possible. Business Analyst is responsible for a full range of activities which ensure the optional effectiveness and excellence of business unit. In addition, to do all the work which is included BABOK perfectly like designing documents, making appropriate recommendations with positive impact, leading a number of key projects, track and analysis unit trends, and many other responsible work as well.


On the whole, Business Analysis Body of Knowledge is the internationally recognized standard for the business analysis profession. It would like to engage professionals who are not familiar with it. It has been working for new generation future and for the betterment of business regions across the globe.