Certified Associate in Project Management

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by George G - Friday, January 22, 2016, 8:16 AM
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Certified associate in project management is a certification which is offered by PMI (Project Management Institution) to give fundamental knowledge on Project Management theme. It can be called CAPM briefly. This certification is based on theoretical and practical knowledge, terms, method, discipline and skills for excellent project management. It is a high level degree and accepted worldwide. This certification helps candidates to add credentials after their names.


Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)  Certification Requirements

It has some clear requirements to complete its demands and utility. Because, the candidate has to work with various tools, in various environment and place as well. Before applying for CAPM a candidate should have below requirements-

  1. Degree:  He/she must have at least secondary degree/diploma alternatively high school certificate on business group.
  2. Experience: A candidate need to have at least 1500 hours working experience of project management.
  3. Additional: A candidate can receive 23 hours education on project management when they sit for the examination. It is optional but important.

These three requirements are greatly consider among CAPM work areas.

Name of Courses Which Helps to CAPM Certification

 There are some major courses which is crying need for certified associated in project management. Without these courses, the preparation for CAPM certification will not full fill. These courses help candidate to cut a good figure in their examination. If anyone think that these courses are not mandatory, they will have to face many difficulties in PM area in their coming lives. The name of the courses are-

These three books are the precautionary steps for CAPM related job.


CAPM Candidates Types

New energetic, promising persons who wants to prosper in their lives through Project Management are applying and receiving this certification. He/she is less or more experienced it does not matter. The matter is how to reduce their ignorance and make them perfect for CAPM. People wants to build up their career on this field usually apply for it. Inversely, People who wants to reach high level of their proficiency also apply for this job.

Benefits of Certified Associate in Project Management

Through CAPM candidates can get their cherished job globally. It provides credentials after their names. Consequently, every well-known organization offers them job with handsome salary and other facilities as well. Apart from, it gives respect and pride at every sector. They can earn up to $100,000 (USD) annually. From company perspective, they can get the better work, techniques, plans through CAPM. They can run fast with competitive business world and new inventions.


CAPM is the most recognized for its easy terms and famous practitioner achievement. It is not only well organized certification but also the most up-to-date certification for project management. It will grow an organization’s as well as a candidate’s levels and take them to the next high levels.