Preparation of QTP Training

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by George G - Wednesday, January 20, 2016, 8:18 AM
Anyone in the world

QTP training materials describe how to prepare for this training, According its quality and methods, we can divide materials into three separate sections and these are:

  1. Guide and Books: Without books or guides training will not be completed.To know the every ins and out we have to read some QTP based books and guides. Such as: Technology Specific Guide for QTP, QTP 11 and Book Review etc. \
  2. Download Presentation: We can download many types of presentation through internet. Its help us to get better training. 
  3. Tutorial Questions: A candidate will have to memorize tutorial question to get sharp knowledge on it. 
  4. Interview Questions: After completing all those steps, at the time of getting job candidates should revised all interview question.

 Those steps of preparation are mandatory for all candidates who wants to take QTP training across the world.