QTP Training Process

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by George G - Wednesday, January 20, 2016, 8:17 AM
Anyone in the world

If anyone wants to take QTP training, they will have to complete several steps to take convenient training. Lacking of those process ideas no one can get tension free training. A candidate should have clear idea about what to do, how to do, the way to. The following steps will cover those processing-

1. Planning: Before taking training, you should plan, from when you get your training, how much it costs and are you prepare for this or not.

2. Choose Training process: The way of taking training is really very important. You have to decide that you want to take online training or manual training.

3. Giving Fees: By giving training you will be more reliant of this training.

4. Complete Training: You have to full fill all the training steps according to your teacher or online guide.

5. Take Results: By completing above steps you will be able to take your cherished result. You can get your result through internet or manually.