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In this recent competitive age mobile is becoming indispensable for us. Starting from in-house to public applications the use of the devices becomes more prevalent. So building a career all around the Android training, programming applications is a wise decision. After completing the course you will gain a clear idea of basic Android training for programming applications.
After accomplishing the course the candidate can learn how to

  1. Implement a development method to build Android application from the very ground up levels.
  2. Aim design and test UIs with Interface Builder and the Simulator.
  3. Integrating creative applications using the SQLite database.
  4. Create a multifunctional user interface through the help of navigation controllers and tab bars.
  5. Incorporate autorotation, images as well as animations to your Android Development programs.
  6. You will get a Hands-On Experience on Building Android applications with the classroom training.
  7. You can update and retrieve data via web services.
  8. Finally, you can able to get a good job through beating the toughest of technical rounds of the Interview processes.
  9. It creates User Interfaces
  10. Helps in enhancing the User Experience
  11. It also enable the user Exchanging Data over the Internet