Microsoft® Project 2013

Microsoft® Project 2013 course in E-Learning Line is solely designed for candidates who are willing to gather knowledge on Microsoft® Project 2013 applications. E-Learning Line provides hands-on skill on Microsoft through this course. This course is designed to familiarize you with the basic features and functions of Microsoft Project Professional 2013 so that you can use it effectively and efficiently in a real-world environment.

What is Microsoft® Project 2013?

Microsoft Project is said to be project management software that is developed as well as sold by Microsoft. MS Project is designed to help a project manager in developing plan, tracking progress, assigning resources to different tasks, analyzing workloads and managing budget.

It is a part of Microsoft office but has never been added in any of the suits. It has two editions, Professional and Standard.

About the course:

Microsoft® Project 2013 course is basically designed to provide basic features and uses of Microsoft Project application. Other than that the course covers areas like:

  1. Tracking project progress information
  2. Advanced task scheduling
  3. Sharing project information
  4. Pooling and consolidation of resources
  5. Updated MS Project 2013 application and its latest features

The course Microsoft® Project 2013 covers several areas associated with MS Project application. Also the course focuses on different aspects of project management. The key objectives of the course are:

  1. Understand and justify the role of the Project manager
  2. Study to create and manage simple projects.
  3. Study to enter and manage tasks.
  4. Study to work with a project calendar.
  5. Study to add and manage project resources and work with the resource sheet.
  6. Study to create basic reports for your project.
  7. Study the skills to manage, execute and deliver projects successfully in line with global project management best practices
Advantage of the course: 

The mentioned course is designed for the project managers. It thoroughly helps to manage projects and tasks within it. The course definitely has immense learning and career advantages:

  1. Helps to manage and track projects and its progress
  2. Manage assignments and resources within a project
  3. Task based schedule creation for a project
  4. Project information sharing
  5. Certified professionals get at least 10% more benefits than non-certified people
  6. It helps one to gain more recognition and also increase job opportunity
Key Features

E-learning line helps in achieving the expertise in the relevant field. Whether you are a beginner or a professional the Microsoft Project 2013 course with E-Learning Line will help you to build a strong IT platform by providing you with the following:

  1. Quizzes on Microsoft Project solutions and its modules and other topics
  2. Workshop on Microsoft Project 2013 Application
  3. Project on working with Microsoft Project 2016 Application
  4. Learn, work and gain immense practical knowledge under industry best practitioners
  5. Receive globally approved certification on Microsoft Project 2013 Training
  6. Guidance to resume preparation for further job assistance
  7. Ask for help anytime to our 24/7 support desk

E-Learning Line aims at focus oriented and practical aspects of each course so that each candidates get complete exposure to what they have learnt. 


The course is suitable for those who:

  1. Have basic project management knowledge and skills.
  2. Also have basic knowledge and skills for using any current Windows® operating system.

Finally, you should have competency in using other Microsoft Office applications—preferably Office 2013.